A map of corporate Singapore


Uranography or celestial cartography is the intersection of astronomy and cartography concerned with the mapping of celestial objects. While celestial cartography sees uses ranging from mapping the structure of the Milky Way to measuring star density, the Corporate Cosmograph looks to map the topology of the top fifty corporations in Singapore through the lens of relationships amongst board members, inevitably forming constellations.


All data is based on publicly disclosed information in each company’s annual report. However, not all of the fifty companies reported at the same time. We had to put a peg in the ground, so to speak, and provide a snapshot of directorships as of July 1st 2014. Similarly, with market capitalisation, we took a snapshot as of March 31st 2014. Some companies report in currencies other than Singapore dollars. We used prevailing exchange rates on the date the report was published. The spelling of some Director’s names varies depending on the board they sit on. A final word of apology if we’ve missed anything. Please let us know if so and how you think we might improve on it.


Lone Star

The easiest to identify amongst all of the patterns, typified by companies whose directors do not currently sit on any of the other top fifty companies in Singapore. Examples of these are City Developments Limited, Olam International Limited and Wilmar International Limited.

Binary Star

Formed when multiple directors sit across two companies, creating a strong set of attractive forces between the two companies. Example of binary stars are Fraser and Neave Limited/Fraser Centrepoint Limited and Sembcorp Industries/Sembcorp Marine. Multiple star systems can also be sighted as in the example of Mapletree Commercial Trust/Mapletree Industrial Trust/Mapletree Logistics Trust.


Formed by several present directors who sit on one or more other boards within the top fifty companies in Singapore. Also formed when past directors sit on other boards within the top fifty. Creating a constellation of highly connected companies. Examples of constellations include CapitaLand Limited and DBS Group Holdings.

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