132 Ways to Kopi

A look at all the ways to order coffee at a Singaporean coffeeshop.

Definitions of less, normal, more, hot, warm and cold differ from coffeeshop to coffeeshop.

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The Kopi

Let’s start with the canonical kopi. It consists of condensed milk, a normal amount of sugar, a normal amount of water and is served hot.


Or if you’d like, you could get your kopi served warm or cold (iced).

Amount of Water (Or Strength)

And you could adjust the strength (amount of water added) of your coffee. If a strong coffee isn’t enough for you, you could have it extra strong (no water added).

Or if you find that a coffee from a certain coffeeshop is too strong for your liking, you could have it weak

Amount of Sugar

There is no kopi kosong (no sugar). Condensed milk comes with sugar.

Type of Milk

And last but not least, you could always have it with evaporated milk or none at all.

132 Ways to Kopi

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